ArcaSearch preserves heritage and creates access to knowledge through the digitization of your documents, books or records.  By offering a complete and integrated document archive and research system, we can take your documents and quickly and digitally bring them back to you in a seamless web-based, easy-to-find, brilliant-looking way.   Looking for a cost effective long-term solution?  Contact us.

What is it?
Using a customized scanning/capture system. ArcaSearch created the technology and capability of scanning single documents to bound volumes including materials like paper, newspaper, onion skin, hardboard, carbon paper, blue prints and photographic paper all while maintaining accuracy, clarity and color.  The document delivery system uses standard web browsers that may run on the Internet, Intranet, or a private network. PDF files can be delivered within the same interface.  Want to see our solutions?  Try our “Quick Demos .

Who is it for?
Anyone that does anything with the handling, storing, archiving and presenting of documents, records, papers and books in government, higher education, arts and culture, business, publishing and nonprofits. Or even an aggregate of these groups (we’re keen on collections).  Since ArcaSearch has a team of highly-motivated digital imaging and graphic arts experts, we’ve achieved the trifecta in our industry – the ability produce a PDF with viewing characteristics that offer the highest possible image quality, the highest possible text recognition (OCR) accuracy and the smallest file size for fast transfer via the Internet

It’s our natural drive to go anywhere to preserve a document. We’re ready for your project.

Did you know?

that since 2001 ArcaSearch has digitized, stored and delivered more than 14 million files with nearly 12,000 pages being added daily? Learn more

Saint John’s University is working with ArcaSearch to preserve the images of The Saint John’s Bible digitally and make high-quality reproduction possible in the centuries to come. The reproductions require the highest possible fidelity to the original artwork. See full case study

In the NEWS

August 1, 2012

ArcaSearch at SAA 2012 in San Diego! 

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